City Centre Alive Stage 1, Cairns

This key project was initiated by the Cairns Regional Council in 2013. The City Centre Alive Project is a council program to upgrade and develop the Cairns CBD.

Jez Clark, Senior Landscape Architect, Cairns Regional Council.

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The Waterfront Park Concept Plan, Port Douglas

The primary objective of the Waterfront Park Concept Plan was to integrate the existing values and features of the Port Douglas waterfront with a range of new initiatives in order to cement the western shoreline of the peninsula as one of the world’s greatest waterfronts.

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Cairns: The Rainforest City Master Plan

The Rainforest City Master Plan promotes resilient landscapes and community health and well-being, it embraces the unique natural environment of the Cairns’ Region and defines the cityscape through its’ distinctive tropical rainforest environment.

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The Gordonvale Water Tower, Cairns

The water tower was a much loved historic feature of the Gordonvale town center but had become such a safety risk that it had been fenced off to the public for several months. The aim of the project was to redevelop the tower after significant demolition of the upper parts had been carried out.

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